An den kleinen Radioapparat

The song 'An den Kleinen Radioapparat' (To the Little Radio) was composed in exile in 1942 by Hanns Eisler to lyrics by Bertolt Brecht from his collection of Hollywood songs (Hollywood Liederbuch, 1942-43). The words, spoken by a German exile during the Second World War, are addressed to the radio, which continues to broadcast news from Nazi Germany. Through this little box, the speaker says, 'my enemies could still address me'.

Oh, you little box I carried as I fled
Carefully so that no valve breaks
Fleeing from house to train, from train to ship
So that my enemies might still address me.
At my bedside and to torment me
From dawn until last thing at night,
Shouting their victories and my worst fears:
Promise at least you won't go silent again!