Music of the Holocaust
The US Holocaust Memorial Museum's website of Music of the Holocaust with 20 articles and recordings direct from their archives.

Jewish Music and Theatre
From Performing the Jewish Archive project which endeavours to discover and perform lost Jewish music.

Music of the Holocaust
The University of South Florida's website of Music of the Holocaust including sections on Ghettos and Camps, music in the 3rd Reich with teachers resources available for download. Includes many links to other web resources.

Heartstrings - Music of the Holocaust
Yad Vashem's holocaust music website contain seven rich articles and twenty archive recordings from 1946.

Forbidden Music
A blog by Forbidden Music author Michael Haas

OREL Foundation
OREL Foundation website has more than 30 in-depth articles on Holocaust composers with respective discographies.

Forbidden Music Regained
Explore scores and sound samples of 35 Dutch composers persecuted in WWII

A Chorus of Denial
Book review By EDWARD ROTHSTEIN - New examinations of the role of musicians in the Nazi era. Books: "ELISABETH SCHWARZKOPF", By Alan Jefferson and "THE TWISTED MUSE - Musicians and Their Music in the Third Reich.", By Michael H. Kater.

Akselrod, Avrom - Freedman Catalogue lookup
Discography of Avrom Akselrod, music author

Aktion Reinhard Songs and Music
In all three Aktion Reinhard Camps (Belzec, Sobibor, and Treblinka) the SS organised orchestras with the intentions to make their lives more pleasant, to humiliate and torture the prisoners, or to drown out the screams of Jews being gassed in the gas chambers.

Alma Rose Wikipedia
Wikipedia article (in German) about Alma Rose, Jewish violonist from Autria, that have have been deported to Auschwitz, and played in the so called Modchenorchester von Auschwitz.

Anita Lasker Wallfisch | World news |
Anita Lasker Wallfisch is a cellist. Music is her life; music also saved her life: she played in the women's orchestra in Auschwitz. The orchestra played marches as the slave labourers left the camp for…

Anita Lasker-Wallfisch - surviving Auschwitz - BBC | Hardtalk
On the sixtieth anniversary of the Auschwitz liberation, Mishal Husain talks to survivor Anita Lasker-Wallfisch.

Arnold Schoenberg Center
The Arnold Schoenberg Center in Vienna (Austria) houses the legacy of Arnold Schoenberg, organizes exhibitions, concerts and symposia concerning the Second Viennese School.

Beda-Lohner, Fritz
Beda-Lohner, Fritz wikipeda article

In April 1943 the Nazis created Bergen-Belsen in Lower Saxony near the city of Celle as a transit center - Bergen-Belsen was never officially given formal concentration camp status.

Berthold Goldschmidt
Berthold Goldschmidt home page at Soundclips and composer biography.

Berthold Goldschmidt - Stirrings af a Lost Composer
Interview of Berthold Goldschmidt, classical composer, by Norman Lebrecht on January 15, 2003

Berthold Goldschmidt - Wikipedia
Berthold Goldschmidt wikipedia entry

Blumenfeld, Diana - Freedman Catalogue lookup
Discography of Diana Blumenfeld

Broydo, Kasriel - Freedman Catalogue lookup
Discography of Kasriel Broydo

Bruno Walter (Conductor) - Short Biography
Short Biography of Bruno Walter (Conductor)

Camilla Spira - Wikipedia
German Wikipedia article about Camilla Spira, German actress.

Cantos Cautivos (Captive Songs)
compiles the repertoire of songs that were written, sung and listened to in centers for political detention and torture in Chile between 1973 and 1990, as well as the memories of individual and collective experiences associated to those pieces. This project seeks to contribute to debates on human rights violations.[in Spanish and English]

Carl Orff - Wikipedia (English)
Wikipedia article about Carl Orff, a 20th-century composer, most famous for Carmina Burana.

Classical Music Composers - Music Compositions, biography, Classical CD - A
Wide collection of classical music sheets and exclusive classical music history.

Defiant Requiem
Between 1943 and 1944, 150 prisoners of the Nazi concentration camp Terezin performed Verdi's "Requiem" 16 times. In April 2002 Murry Sidlin, Resident Conductor of the Oregon Symphony, lead a performance of "Defiant Requiem" in Portland, Oregon -- a moving blend of Verdi' s masterpiece, images of Terezin, narratives from surviving members of the chorus and a stunning performance by the Oregon Symphony and Portland Opera Chorus.

Diskant, Moshe - Freedman Catalogue lookup
Discography of Moshe Diskant

Diskant, Moshe - Freedman Catalogue lookup
Discography of Moshe Diskant

Durmashkin Family
Durmashkin Family website. Wolf Dormashkin, conductor of the Philharmonic…

Egk, Werner - Profile
Werner Egk was born in Auchsesheim (now district of Donauwarth), Bavaria, as Werner Mayer on 17 May 1901. In 1921 he studied theory, composition and conducting with Carl Orff in Munich. In the same year Egk worked at a theatre in Schwabing as stage manager, scene painter and director of incidental music.

Elena Makarova Initiative Group
Elena Makarova has been researching and collection evidence of Theresienstadt musicians and composers for 20 years and has written a book cataloguing their lives. This small website promotes the groups work.

Emil Frantisek Burian - Britannica Online Encyclopedia
Czech author, composer, playwright, and theatre and film director whose eclectic stage productions drew upon a wide variety of art forms and technologies for their effects.

Ernst Krenek - Britannica Student Encyclopaedia
The Austrian-born U.S. composer Ernst Krenek was an extreme modernist in style. He is known especially for his use of the 12-tone serial technique of musical composition.

Ernst Krenek Society, Palm Springs, California
The Society is a non-profit organization whose aims are to publish, circulate and promote the writings and musical compositions of Ernst Krenek and to asssist worthy students of the writings and compositions of Ernst Krenek in their educational endeavors and/or to further their writing or composing career.

Ernst Krenek came into the world on 23 August 1900, at 7am on a Thursday; on 22 December 1991 at about 3pm he left it. During his creative period he gave us many important works, including 20 operas - for most of which he composed the words himself - and which reflect his great love of, and talent for this genre.

Ervin Schulhoff - Czech Contemporary Composer
Ervin Schulhoff - Czech Contemporary Composer (1894 -1942) from a Prague Jewish-German family

European Institute for Jewish Music
dedicated to the documentation and the resources pertaining to Jewish music in Europe, the European Institute of Jewish Music (IEMJ) was created in 2006 by the French Judaism Foundation, the Yuval association and the Henriette Halphen Foundation.

Fania Fenelon - Biography
Short biography of Fania Fenelon, singer and musician

France honours Czech harpsichordist Zuzana Ruzickova
Czech harpsichordist Zuzana Ruzickova received from the French ambassador in the Czech Republic, the honour 'Chevalier de l'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres'.

The 'miraculous' life of Zuzana Ruzickova
Zuzana Ruzickova endured three concentration camps in World War Two, including Auschwitz, and was persecuted by the Communists in Czechoslovakia in the years that followed.

Forbidden Music
The official site for Forbidden Music, a book written by Michael Haas and published by Yale University Press in 2013.

Franz Schreker Foundation
Franz Schreker Foundation website in German ( association that promotes the work of the composer Franz Schreker)

Freedman Catalogue lookup: artist Krimski, Yankl
Discography of Yankl Krimski

Fritz Grünbaum - Wikipedia (German)
Fritz Grünbaum biography from Wikipedia (German)

Fritz Gruenbaum
Fritz Gruenbaum, cabaretist, biography (in German)

Fritz Lohner-Beda
Filmography of Fritz Lohner-Beda, Czech-Austrian librettist, lyricist and writer

Fritz Lohner-Beda - Wikipedia (German)
Fritz Loehner-Beda Wikipedia stub article

Discovering Robert Fürstenthal and his ‘Lost Lieder’
Michael Haas writes for Tocatta Press about his meeting with Robert Fürstenthal and subsequent discussion about his ‘Lost Lieder’

German films - Kurt Gerron's Karussell
Summary of the film Kurt Gerron's Karussell (Kurt Gerrons Karussell).

German films - Kurt Gerron's Karussell
Gerron had become an enormous hit as the first person to sing "Mack the Knife" in the "Three Penny Opera," was probably making the film of the Blue Angel with Marlene Dietrich and had many other reasons to be admired.

Gideon Klein
Gideon Klein home page at Discover his music and explore information on his works.

Gideon Klein Award
The Gideon Klein Award is given yearly for a student to perform and/or study the music or art of artists persecuted by the Nazis during the Holocaust.

Glick, Hirsh (1922-1944) - Freedman Catalogue lookup
Discography of Hirsh Glick

God the Implausible Kinsman
God the Implausible Kinsman, Published: June 17, 1984, by Arthur A. Cohen New York Times On-line - a book review of "Responses to Catastrophe in Modern Jewish Culture." By David G. Roskies. Makes reference to Avrom Akselrod and Abraham Sutskever.

Hans Krasa
Hans Krasa home page at Discover his music, listen to soundclips, read a composer biography. Explore information, news and performances.

Hans Gal
Biography, Recordings, Discography with audio sample of the life and works of Hans Gal.

Hans Gal:Music Behind Barbed Wire
Book review - requires login.

Kurt Weill And We Will Never Die
USHMM article on "We Will Never Die", a dramatic pageant staged before an audience of 40,000 at Madison Square Garden on March 9, 1943, to raise public awareness of the mass murder of the European Jews.

Hans Pfitzner - Wikipedia
Wikipedia article about Hans Enrich Pfitzner, German composer and conductor (in German)

Hartmann - Classical Net - Basic Repertoire List page for Karl Amadeus Hartmann

Herbert Gerigk - Wikipedia
Wikipedia article about Herbert Gerigk, German musicologist (in German)

Herbert von Karajan - Wikipedia
Herbert von Karajan was an orchestra and opera composer, one of the most renowned 20th century conductors.

Herbert Zipper Bio
Dr. Zipper is remembered as a man who triumphed over Nazi atrocities through his belief in music and the human spirit.

Hermann Leopoldi
Hermann Leopoldi's work on imdb (Internet Movies DataBase)

Hermann Leopoldi
Hermann Leopoldi, composer, biography

Hindemith - Classical Net page for Paul Hindemith

Holocaust Remembrance - "before sleep"
"Before Sleep" is the product of many years of detailed research conducted by Renan Koen on the lives of Pavel Haas, Gideon Klein, Zikmund Schul and Viktor Ullmann.

Huberman's List: How A Violinist Saved Jews In World War II
The roll call of great 20th-century violinists includes so many incredible Jewish artists but among the most extraordinary, however, has got to be the Polish violinist Bronisław Huberman.

Isa Vermehren - Wikipedia
Wikipedia article about Isa Vermehren, cabaretist and actress (in German)

Italy - US Holocaust Memorial Museum
A USHMM article on the plight of Jews from Northern Italy at the hands of the Nazis.

The Jewish Music Heritage Project
is the world's only organization dedicated to documenting and illustrating in sound the vast treasury of sacred Jewish music. In addition to its cantorial music, the JMHP All Volunteer Boys' and Men's Choir is now in training to perform and produce archival recordings of this glorious repertoire of choral synagogue music.

Jewish Music Institute (JMI) - Supressed Music
The aim of the JMI International Centre for Suppressed Music (ICSM) is to re-examine the work of composers whose careers were affected: to recover music suppressed by totalitarian regimes and later neglected, to restore, publish, perform and record the music.

Jewish Music in Poland between the World Wars
Article about Marysia (Miriam) Eisenstadt, Polish singer

Johann von Jenstein - Wikipedia
Wikipedia article about Johann von Jenstein bishop of Meissen, Archbishop of Prague (in German)

Jura Soyfer
The law Soyfer company's homepage. It pursues no longer the goal of telling something over law Soyfer, but rather it offers rather materials on so that the (interactive) users themselves can develop its stories to law Soyfer, its life and its time.

Jura Soyfer - Wikipedia
Jura Soyfer counts to the most significant political authors of Austria in the 1930s. (in German)

Karajan 2008
This web site is dedicated to one of the most important characters in 20th century history,  Herbert von Karajan, conductor.

Karl Amadeus Hartmann - One Good German
Hartmann is a figure unique in German music - the only composer to stay put and defy Hitler for the duration of the Third Reich.

Karl Amadeus Hartmann - Wikipedia
Wikipedia article about Karl Amadeus Hartmann, a German composer.

Karl Amadeus Hartmann
Hartmann is arguably the greatest German symphonist since Brahms. He is everything that a great composer should be.

Klange des Verschweigens
The life story of Wilhelm Heckmann, a gay German musician who spent 8 years in the concentration camps Dachau and Mauthausen, where he was a leading member of the camp orchestra. See also.

Klein, Gideon - Freedman Catalogue lookup
Discography of Gideon Klein

Kouril, Miroslav; Burian, Emil F.: Theatergraph
Theater director E.F.Burian developed together with Miroslav Kouril the so-called Theatergraph, a performance stage with integrated projection surfaces on which films and slides were projected during theater performances.

Kurt Gerron - Biography
Kurt Gerron's work on imdb (Internet Movies DataBase)

Kurt Gerron - Rotten Tomatoes Celebrity Profile
Kurt Gerron Celebrity Profile

Kurt Gerron - Trailer - Showtimes - Cast - Movies
The New York Times - A biography and related information about Kurt Gerron.

Kurt Gerron - Wikipedia
Wikipedia article about Kurt Gerron German actor and director (in German)

Kurt Gerron - Wikipedia (English)
Wikipedia article about Kurt Gerron German actor and film director

Kurt Weill
Biography of Kurt Weill, German-American composer (in German)

Kurt Weill - Wikipedia
Wikipedia article about Kurt Weill, a German, and in his later years American, composer

Langhoff, Wolfgang - Freedman Catalogue lookup
Discography of Wolfgang Langhoff

Last Musik
A project reporting the work of Francesco Lotoro.

Learning from history - Europe at Battle, 1939 - 1944
The songbook with songs sung, collected and written at the Sachsenhausen concentration camp of 1942 has been known for many years.

Leo Smit Foundation
A collection of 33 biographies of Dutch composers who were persecuted in the Second World War

Life in Shadows: Hidden Children and the Holocaust
A Special 10th Anniversary Exhibition, explores the history of children who went underground to escape Nazi persecution.

Lost Voices
Music by a Jewish victim of the Nazis feared lost forever is being performed for the first time since the Holocaust after being uncovered by a University of Leeds researcher, Dr Steven Muir.

Max Ehrlich
Max Ehrlich is one of Germany's most beloved comics, masters of ceremony and cabaret stars.

Mendele: Yiddish literature and language
There is some biographical information on Mordecai Gebirtig.

Messiaen - Malcolm Ball
This web site posts events, concerts, news, links and articles, that are contributed worldwide, about Olivier Messiaen, French composer.

Miriam Eisenstadt
Article about the musical life in the Jewish area of Warsaw.

Music and song bring to life tales of the Holocaust - - US - May 6, 2000
This week people worldwide paused to honor the victims of the Holocaust, some of whom used music and song to express their lives, their emotions and the horror of Nazi concentration camps.

Never Give Up - Conductor Herbert Zipper - American Film Foundation
The extraordinary story of Vienna born musician and conductor Herbert Zipper who survived Dachau, Buchenwald, and a Japanese concentration camp to become one of the great music educators of the world.

Netherlands Music Institute - The Second World War in Music
A collection of articles and music on Dutch composers and musicians affected by WWII

Ob sich heute jemand vorstellen kann
Interview of Irma Trksak, active in the Czechoslovakian minority opposition in Austrian (in German).

Olivier Messiaen - Wikipedia
Wikipedia article about Olivier Messiaen, French composer and conductor.

Orpheus in hell: music and therapy in the Holocaust
Article by Joseph Moreno: Music in the transports, Music as humiliation and torment, Musical censorship, Music as deception, Music as distraction and masking, The prisoner orchestras, German musicians and the Holocaust, Music in Theresienstadt, Music in the ghettos, Music and memory, Musical transcendence: present and past, Transcending the present, Transcending the past, Conclusions, Therapy and the Holocaust plus References.

Otto Klemperer (Conductor) - Short Biography
Short Biography: Otto Klemperer (Conductor)

Partisans of Vilna: The Songs of World War II Jewish Resistance
A review of the soundtrack to the Josh Waletzky movie, Partisans of Vilna.

Paul Hindemith
The Website of Paul Hindemith, his life, works and foundation.

Paul Hindemith Biography
Paul Hindemith - Biography and work

Paulina Braun
Biography of Paulina Braun (in Czech)

Pavel Haas
Pavel Haas home page at Discover his music, listen to soundclips, read a composer biography.

Pavel HAAS - Czech Composer
Pavel Haas biography (in Czech)

Orpheus Trust
The Orpheus homepage contains a small selection of short biographies. Their biographical database contains data of more than 4.570 persecuted, exiled and murdered composers, their composition data base has information about more than 11,000 works and their interpreters database contains 1300 records.

PMC Sites: Szymon Laks
SZYMON LAKS, Polish composer, biography

Polish Music Newsletter, vol. 9 no. 8, August 2003
Polish composers Krzystof Knittel and Adam Walaciwski will be presented prestigious awards from the highly respected Polish Composers' Union (Zwiuzku Kompozytorow Polskich - ZKP) at this year's "Warsaw Autumn" Festival. - The Polish Jews Home Page
Jewish-Polish poems catalogue

Portrat der Schauspielerin Camilla Spira by Thomas Staedeli
Camilla Spira (actress) biography (in German)

Reeling: the Movie Review Show's review of Prisoner of Paradise
A biography of Kurt Gerron. Academy Award winning documentarian Malcolm Clarke and co-director Stuart Sender look at the man, once at the top of his field, who lost everything to the Nazis and eventually sunk to the level of directing a film of their propaganda in order to survive the Holocaust in "Prisoner of Paradise."

Marcel Reich-Ranicki
A prominent post-war literary critic who escaped the Warsaw ghetto. He wrote of musical activities in the ghetto.

Requiem for Auschwitz: a monument in music, film, images and words.
Requiem for Auschwitz will be a shared moment for representatives of the Jewish, Roma, Sinti and other victim groups in the light of recent developments in Europe.

Alex Ross: The Rest Is Noise
A voyage into the labyrinth of modern music, which remains for many people an obscure and forbidding world and shows why twentieth-century composers felt compelled to create a famously bewildering variety of sounds, from the purest beauty to the purest noise.

Richard Strauss - Classical Net - Basic Repertoire List page for Richard Strauss

Richard Wagner
Richard Wagner, German composer, biography

Richard Wagner Archive
Richard Wagner (1813-1883) who regarded himself as 'the most German of men', 'the German spirit' is not only known because of his 13 operas and numerous other compositions but also because of his inevitable influence on our understanding of German culture and history

Richard Wagner Web Site
Richard Wagner (1813-83), German composer, his life, times and works. Includes texts, analyses, guides, a map, a chronology, and a bibliography.

Rosen, Willy - Freedman Catalogue lookup
Discography of Willy Rosen

Rozental, Leyb - Freedman Catalogue lookup
Discography of Leyb Rozental

Rudnitski, Leah - Freedman Catalogue lookup
Discography of Leah Rudnitski

Samuel Marder
About Sam Marder, the young violinist from Chernovitz, Rumania (now Ukraine)

Shoah The Holocaust. 'What I read to the dead' by Wladyslaw Szlengel.
What I read to the dead' by Wladyslaw Szlengel of Warsaw Ghetto in English translation

Shpigl, Isaiah - Freedman Catalogue lookup
Discography of Isaiah Shpigl

Soyfer, Jura
Biography of Jura Sofer, author and journalist (in German)

Darius Milhaud (1892-1974) on Wikipedia
Darius Milhaud (1892-1974) was a French composer and teacher. He was a member of Les Six—also known as The Group of Six—and one of the most prolific composers of the 20th century. His compositions are influenced by jazz and make use of polytonality.

Sutzkever, Avrom - Freedman Catalogue lookup
Discography of Avrom Sutzkever

Szpilman Wladyslaw (1911-2000)
Biography of the pianist et composer Wladyslaw Szpilman (1911-2000) (in French)

tCHu - Krystyna Zywulska - Auschwitz
I Survived Auschwitz written by Krystyna Zywulska. Author was born in 1914 as Sonia Landau. During the German occupation of Poland, in 1941 she was displaced with her Jewish family.

Terezín: 'The music connected us to the lives we had lost'
Ed Vulliamy talks to Anka Bergman, 96, her daughter, Eva Clarke, who was born in a Nazi camp, and other survivors about life in Terezín, the camp where a wealth of imprisoned Czech musical talent suffered and played

The Danish Peace Academy: Singer, Kurt D.: Autobiography
Autobiography Kurt Singer 1995

The history of Austrian cabaret
A brief summary the history of the Austrian cabaret

The Kovno Ghetto Orchestra
An article on the creation of the Kovno Ghetto orchestra.

The Kurt Weill Foundation for Music
The Kurt Weill Foundation for Music is a non-profit, private foundation dedicated to promoting understanding of Weill's life and works and preserving the legacies of Weill and Lenya.

The Musical family Stupel/ Hofmekler
Robert Hofmekler (1905-1994) was the son of Motel and Bertha Hofmekler He grew upi n a highly musical Jewish family in Vilna, where his father was a well-known cello player.

The Pianist - Wladyslaw Szpilman - Homepage
Homepage for The Pianist - the movie based on the book by Wladyslaw Szpilman

Tamara Freeman
Tamara Freeman, D.M.A. is a Holocaust ethnomusicologist and concert violist. Based in New Jersey, she specializes in communicating lessons of morality and courage through her Holocaust music classes and performances.

The Yiddish Music Hall: Zog Nit Keynmol
Biography of author Hirsh Glick

Two Pianos Playing for Life
A concert/documentary program memorialising Kulturbund members, performed in 2018-2019 in Philadelphia, Leipzig and Newark.

Trksak, Irma / unrast-Verlag
Short biography of Irma Trksak (in German)

Vala, Jan - Freedman Catalogue lookup
Discography of Jan Vala

Vienna Philharmonic and the Jewish musicians who perished under Hitler
On the 75th anniversary of Austria's Anschluss with Germany, the famous orchestra is giving up dark secrets about its past. (Source)

Viktor Ullmann Foundation - Victor Ullmann Foundation
The purpose of the Viktor Ullmann Foundation is to honour, celebrate and remember the life, courage and genius of the composer and pupil of Arnold Schoenberg, and his fellow artists and musicians in the Theresienstadt (Terezin) ghetto

Vilna Ghetto - Kurzbiographien
Short biographies of Jews from Vilna Ghetto (in German)

Voices of the Holocaust
The Voices of the Holocaust project is to provide a permanent digital archive of digitized, restored, transcribed, and translated interviews with Holocaust survivors conducted by Dr. David P. Boder in 1946, so that they can be experienced by a global audience of students, researchers, historians, and the general public.

Welcome to Carl Orff
German website for Carl Orf (English)

Werner Egk
Werner Egk's work on imdb (Internet Movies DataBase)

Werner Egk - Wikipedia
Werner Egk article from Wikipedia.

Wilhelm Furtwangler (Conductor) - Short Biography
Short Biography Wilhelm Furtwangler (Conductor)

Wilhelm Furtwangler Society (France), since 1969
Life and Art of the German conductor and composer Wilhelm Furtwangler (1886-1954), celebrated for his conducting of Romantic repertoire (Beethoven, Brahms, Bruckner, Wagner).

Wilhelm Furtwangler, Genius Forged in the Cauldron of War, Classical Notes, Peter Gutmann
Legendary conductor Wilhelm Furtwangler's incomparable artistry was forged in the clash with Nazi morality and politics. Discussion and recommendations of his greatest recordings.

Willem de Vries: Sonderstab Musik
During the Second World War the 'Einsatzstab Reichsleiter Rosenberg' was set up, an organisation which aimed for the elimination of Jewish cultural life in the rest of Europe.

Witold Lutoslawski Philharmonic
A vast number of excellent soloists and conductors have performed at the Wroclaw Philharmonic. For all these years, most masterworks of world music as well as new pieces by Polish and foreign composers have been presented to Wroclaw music lovers.

Wladyslaw Szlengel: Jewish Warsaw Ghetto Poet
Wladyslaw Szlengel was born in 1914, in Warsaw. His father, an artist-painter, supported his family by painting movie posters. Wladyslaw, while still in school, wrote poems and short stories

Wladyslaw Szpilman
Wikipedia entry for Wladyslaw Szpilman (Polish)

Wladyslaw Szpilman
Wladyslaw Szpilman home page at Discover his music, explore information, news, performances and recordings.

Wolfgang Langhoff
Wolfgang Langhoff 's work on imdb (Internet Movies DataBase)

Wolfgang Langhoff - Wikipedia
Wikipedia article about Wolfgang Langhoff, German actor and film director (in German)

Zikmund Schul - Wikipedia (German)
Wikipedia article about Zikmund Schul, Czech composer (in German)

Zipper, Herbert
Biography of Zipper, Herbert, composer, conductor, music educator, deported to the Dachau concentration camp in 1938 because of his Jewish descent.

Zog Nit Keynmol - Partisan Song
Australian film maker Eli Rabinowitz has started an international push to popularise the partisan song, Zog Nit Keynmol, and to delve into its meaning and historical significance.

Zuzana Ruzickova - surviving the horrors of the Holocaust - Radio Prague
Interview of Zuzana Ruzickova, one of Europe's most respected harpsichordists.

Zwoje 4 (8), 1998
The poetry of Wladyslaw Szlengel, the poet of the Warsaw Ghetto, killed in the Ghetto Uprising in April 1943.

Zywulska, Krystyna - Freedman Catalogue lookup
Discography of Krystyna Zywulska

State College Choral Society
Text and translations of their Voices of the Holocaust collection.

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