Esta lista contiene información sobre grabaciones publicadas y películas relacionadas con la música y el Holocausto. Muchas de las obras musicales están disponibles en una serie de grabaciones diferentes, aunque aquí sólo se enumeran grabaciones seleccionadas.

2000. A Voice Not Stilled : sinfonia concertante for piano and orchestra on a theme by Gabriella Kolliner, Australian Music Centre.

An introduction to Entartete Musik, London: Decca.

2002. Art from Ashes, volume one, St.Paul, MN: Innova.

2000. Bach in Auschwitz, Winstar.

2007. Ballads and Broadsides: Aleksander Kulisiewicz's Songs from Sachsenhausen,

1996. Brundibár: A Children’s Opera in Two Acts, New York: Arabesque.

2000. Composers of the Holocaust, New York: Leonarda.

2002. Das Lied der Moorsoldaten 1933 bis 2000. , Frankfurt a.M. and Potsdam-Babelberg: Papenburg: DIZ Emslandlager. Available at:

1933. Die neuesten Aufhanmen aus dem Konzentrationslager Oranienburg (The Latest Shots from the Concentration Camp Oranienburg), video archive of the Sachsenhausen memorial at Oranienburg .

1988. Entartete Musik: eine Tondokumentation zur Düsseldorfer Ausstellung von 1938, Berlin: POOL Musikproduktion.

2003. Forbidden Music: Music from Theresienstadt, Nimbus Records.

1997. Hidden History: Songs of the Kovno Ghetto, Washington, DC: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

1999. Holocaust Cantata, Albany Records.

2002. I Have Taken An Oath To Remember: Art Songs Of The Holocaust, Transcontinental Music Publications.

1995. Judische Chronik: A Jewish Chronicle, Berlin Classics.

1994. Krakow Ghetto Notebook, Port Washington, NY: Koch.

1995a. Last Butterfly: Songs From Theresienstadt, Erasmus Records.

1995b. Life and Dreams: Czech Piano Music (The Terezin Music Memorial Project) - Pavel Haas: Suite, Op. 13 / Janacek: V Mlach (In the Mist) / Suk: Zivotem A Snez, Op. 20 / Vorisek: Impromptus, Op. 7, Koch Int'l Classics.

1999. Like The Leaden Sky - The Terezin Ghetto Remembered in Works by Czech and Israeli Composers, Beth Hatefutsoth.

2006a. Music composed in concentration camps (1933–1945), Rome: Musikstrasse: KZ Musik. Available at:

2006b. O Bittre Zeit. Lagerlieder 1933 bis 1945, Papenburg: DIZ Emslandlager. Available at:, mail(at)

1995. Our Town is Burning: Cries from the Holocaust, Centaur.

2002. Quatuor pour le fin du temps, Encore.

Remember the Children: Songs for and by Children of the Holocaust, Washington, D.C.: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

1991. Terezin: The Music 1941-1944, London: Romantic Robot.

1997. The Music Survives!: Degenerate Music, Decca.

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1996. Voices and Light, Albany Records.

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Brave Old World, 1990. Klezmer music, Flying Fish.

Brave Old World, 2005. Song of the Lodz Ghetto, Winter & Winter.

Budowitz, 2000. Wedding without a bride, Buda Musique.

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Choral Arrangement: Alfred Hochedlinger, 1995. Memento: Gedenkkonzert 50 Jahre Befreiung KZ Mauthausen, Mauthausen: Singkreis Mauthausen.

Choral Arrangement: The Smith Quartet, 2005. Different Trains, Signum Records UK.

City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, A Child of our Time (Oratorio in Three Parts), Naxos.

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