Dos transport yingl

The words to 'Dos transport yingl' (The boy from the transport) are by Kasriel Broydo.

This recording, recreated by Gustavo Beytelmann, is from the CD, "Tangele: The Pulse of Yiddish Tango" available worldwide. The accompanying booklet contains translations of all lyrics to English. Courtesy of Tzadik and Tangele.

English translations by Lloica Czackis and Bella Klein. All lyrics have been adapted and transliterated according to the standardized YIVO Yiddish, except for where is required by rhyme.

Gehat amol a heym, a tate-mame,
Geshikt mikh lernen: “alts, mayn kind, far dir.”
Gemeynt ikh vel a doktor zayn mistame,
Getsatsket un getsertlt zikh mit mir.
Nor plutsim, s’hot a shturem zikh tsehulet,
Geblibn bin ikh eynzam vi a shteyn.
Biz gute mentshn hobn tsugetulet
Un itst bin ikh shoyn vider nisht aleyn.
     Ikh bin fun transport,
     Mikh ken ayeder in gas,
     Ikh bin fun transport,
     Ikh khoyzek, lakh un shpas.
     Hey! zet meyn vogn,
     Er helft dem shvern yokh mir trogn,
     Un mit shtolts ken ikh aykh zogn
     Az fun transport bin ikh!
Geven a nakht a koytike, a kalte,
A gantsn tog in moyl gornisht gehat,
Nor plutsim kh’ze: a shmate hengt, an alte,
“S’vet zayn oyf broyt”, hob ikh geton a trakht.
Nor plutsim kh’veys nisht vi azoy, fun vanen,
“A ganef, firt im glaykh in politsey!”
-Ikh a ganef? oy, ven s’hert mayn mame!
Itst shoyn ober tu ikh nisht azoy.
     Vayl kh’bin fun transport…

I once had a home, a father, a mother,
Who sent me to study: “everything for you, my child”
They thought I would be a doctor,
They pampered me, and were very tender to me.
But suddenly storm gusts began howling,
I was left alone like a stone.
Until good people nestled me close to them
And now I am no longer alone.
     I am from the transport,
     Everyone in the street knows me
     I am from the transport,
     I tease, laugh and play.         
     Hey, look at my wagon,
     It helps me carry the heavy yoke
     And I can tell you proudly
     That I am from the transport!
One dirty and cold night,
After a whole day without a morsel to eat,
Suddenly I saw an old cloth hanging,
“That will be for bread”, I thought to myself.
But suddenly, I don’t know how, out of nowhere,
“A thief, take him directly to the police!”
“Me, a thief? Oy, if my mother would hear this!
But now I don’t do that anymore.
     Because I am from the transport…