Rozhinkes mit mandlen

One of the best-known and loved Yiddish lullabies of all time, 'Rozhinkes mit mandlen' (Raisins and almonds) was written by Abraham Goldfaden as part of his opera Shulamis in 1880. While a baby boy is being rocked to sleep, the lyrics explain, the little goat that stood under his cradle would go to market and return with raisins and almonds. Several ghetto writers used Goldfaden's lullaby as the basis for new songs: out of the Kovno ghetto came 'In Slobodker yeshiva' (In the yeshiva of Slobodka); in the Łódź ghetto, Dovid Beygelman and Isaiah Shpigl wrote 'Nit keyn rozhinkes, nit keyn mandlen' (No raisins, no almonds).


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