Using the Website

Getting Around

The Music and the Holocaust website contains a large number of articles structured by categories and themes. You can navigate to particular articles through these themes, learn more boxes, or related articles sections to find the overview, place, person or music articles that interests you. The website contains several 'landing pages' grouped into themes, people, places and music. Each landing page contains an introduction to that section of the site and has a related articles section at the bottom of each page.  The related articles section displays a selection of article links related to the theme or category of the landing page.  Due to the number of articles on the site, not all articles may be displayed here so if you are looking for something specific please make use of the site map and the search.

The places landing page allows you to select camp and ghetto articles via a map.

When you finally navigate to an article there will be context links within the text and selected links in the learn more box on the right.

Listening to Music

Music During the Holocaust running in a browser uses an embedded Windows Media Player control to play chunks of streamed audio from the server. In order to hear music you must ensure that Windows Media Player is installed and that your browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Firefox etc.) is allowed to load and run it. You will see the player controls if this is set up correctly.

All music on the website is streamed to your computer using the mms protocol. mms can use different ports to stream audio which may be blocked in certain locations (e.g. at work). Where there is one piece of music in an article it will start to play automatically when you navigate to that article. If the music doesn't start to play then it is likely that your browers cannot locate the media server or that streaming is blocked.


All music is copyright of the respective owners and licencees.