A toyber hot gehert

The song was probably sung in a theatrical sketch, where it was followed by another number, 'Ikh bin an inteligentl'.  It describes the process of inventing and spreading rumours in the ghetto.  The one who hears a rumour is deaf, and the one who spreads it is dumb. As a result, a new story is created, a fine story to feed the ghetto’s need for fantasy.  Indeed, besides fantasy, what else was there?  Rumkowski, the official source of information, permitted only the news he wanted known circulate.  Thus, rumours served as the most important discovery about present and future events. 


The song is similar to a street song as it aimed both to entertain an audience and to articulate their thoughts and feelings.

This version is sung by Yaakov Rotenberg as recorded by Gila Flam in Israel 1985.

A toyber hot gehert
A toyber hot gehert
Vi a shtimer hot gezugt,
A plotkele es vert,
Fantasyes men farmugt,
Tseshprayt men dus oyf teller,
Mit fefer git farbrukt,
Kimt aroys a sheker
A lign a getok.

A Deaf Man Heard

A deaf man heard
What a dumb man said.
A rumour of a plot
Feeds our fantasies,
Served up on fancy plates,
Spiced so very nice,
Makes a tasty lie,
A beautiful calculated lie.